King Lear, with Christopher Plummer

Antony and Cleopatra, with Kim Cattrall

Romeo and Juliet, with Joseph Fiennes

"It's the first part of the year and they're up and running faster than I have ever seen."  – Joan Moser 

Since its publication, teachers throughout the world have made The Daily 5 one of the most widely...

Every day across the world people make the difficult decision to leave their home, families, possessions and connections with their local community and walk away to an uncertain and often frightening future elsewhere.

Refugees leave their homes...

A fascinating look inside the lives of children in this country steeped in ancient tradition and Muslim culture. We meet Six-year old Hesham lives in Luxor, famous for its monuments and the Valley of the Kings tombs.


October 16 – World Food Day


The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations celebrates World Food Day in commemoration of its founding on October 16, 1945 in Québec City.

For a number of years GRICS sponsored a live teleconference produced by the US National Committee for World Food Day. The teleconferences revolved around the complex problems that yearly lead to millions of people dying of starvation or of chronic malnutrition. The teleconferences included a question-and-answer period in which participants from around North America, including here in Québec, asked questions of international food security experts. Typing – World Food Day more

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